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S2 Ep33: New Things Coming Soon (August 26, 2022)

Aug 26, 2022 8:00:00 AM

The Grind Podcast is transforming into something new and exciting! 

Listen to Chris reflect on his experience behind the mic and share what's next for him and The Grind. Don't miss your chance to see what we're working on—subscribe to our Youtube channel now! 


Full Transcript

Hey guys, Chris Clothier here. Welcome to another episode of The Grind Podcast. Thank you for joining me here today!

Coming to you from sunny Memphis on a Friday. Hopefully you are experiencing the same thing I'm experiencing—which is absolute joy going into the weekend. I cannot wait for the fun activities coming up. I've got activities with the kids, all kinds of things going on.

Also, real estate: I try to see some of my properties over the weekend that we own here locally. Anytime we're driving around here in Memphis, we see some of the houses that we have. Sometimes they're owned by our clients, sometimes it's something we own that we're renovating.

Got a fun, little weekend planned for us. Maybe Home Depot, maybe Bed Bath & Beyond. I don't know if there's going to be enough time on Saturday, but we'll see.

Until then, I'm doing the podcast! And I've got a big announcement this week. This is—not bittersweet. It's fun but also... all good things must come to an end. That's where I'm at with the podcast.

I've had a great time producing the podcast over the past year. I think we've produced almost sixty episodes or more. I've enjoyed it. I've learned—I think—how to present different topics, talk about different things. I've enjoyed coming up with new things to talk about. Izabella, behind the camera there, has done fantastic giving me topics to go through. 

We're not actually stopping doing what we do. We're just transitioning.

Most of the content that we produce is consumed by video. Most people watch the [podcast] video when we put it up on Youtube. Although there are a ton of podcast listeners, we decided strategically that we could produce better content if we do more video. Make the video more engaging and show different locations. If we're going to shoot video—do a videocast, or whatever they call it—Youtube shorts might be a fantastic place for us to build our audience. 

That's the first transition we decided to do. This past week, I've gone out and filmed at a couple of houses to do video walk-throughs: look at it, talk about it, explain some of the features, tell what we're looking for and the transitions we're looking to make in these neighborhoods. We also recognize there are a lot of other talented people here at REI Nation, especially on our portfolio team, that are good at getting out in front of the camera and showing people what we're doing. 

So, we made the decision, and it was tough. I really love doing these podcasts. But it's probably better for the content we're producing and for the way our viewers and listeners are consuming it to transition to video. Make better videos and put more production behind them. We've got a fantastic team member named Megan who has begun to shine. We recognized her talent at quality video production. She has the time now to put more behind the video. 

That's what today's podcast is. It's all about saying goodbye for a couple of weeks. Get ready. Right after Labor Day, we're coming right back with the video podcast. You can still listen to it in your car. You just play the Youtube video on your phone and Bluetooth it right through your audio and hear what we're talking about. Don't watch the video and drive. If you like listening in the car, listen. If I'm telling you telling you there's something good [to watch], watch it later. That's my PSA right there. 

The Grind newsletter and The Grind Podcast are still going to be branded The Grind. Because this is all about how we work harder and smarter and produce. That's it. Entrepreneurs, real estate investors, across the board. How do we get better at what we do? That's the whole concept of The Grind. 

From Kent Senior's executive letter—which is also going to [be produced] less often, because he's done 52 of them in a row. Well received. Big-time open rates and readership on those. He feels like it's time to say things a little bit differently, let some other voices come through. That's what we're going to do. We're making some adjustments over here. This is going to become The Grind by REI Nation or something to that effect. Brought to you by REI Nation. We're talking about the grind that every team member goes through.

It's funny, because many of you listening right now are entrepreneurs. That's probably been the most satisfying thing about doing the podcast: that there's so many entrepreneurs, or budding entrepreneurs, or people who are entrepreneurial in spirit and want to build their own business. We recognized there are a lot of entrepreneurs inside our company. They build their own businesses here. They're in charge of their schedules, their production. They're building life skills to be entrepreneurial later with some venture or side gig. So, it's been very rewarding to know the number of people who aren't just real estate people. The number of listeners that are listening because they find real value in some of the stories we tell, the tips we talk about, and the way we discuss the reality of building a business. It is a grind.

So many people put a negative connotation on that and we don't. It's the grind because you love it. We love the fact that sometimes you have to jump out of bed to get something done. You can't just lay there and expect it to happen. I love the whole attitude and the gurus out there putting out a four [day] work week and the "lay around and look at beautiful scenery all day and make money with it." Look, more power to you. The fact is that, even if I was making money laying around and looking at nothing, I'd get bored about 37 minutes into it and want to go do something. 

For those of you who are like us, you enjoy the grind, we got more coming to you. We're going to take a break and then we're right back with The Grind by REI Nation and it's going to be video-centric. Hopefully you will make the transition with us! If you've been listening to the podcast, like I said, it's still going to be there for you. It's going to be in a slightly different format and you'll have to listen in a slightly different way. 

I don't know—the team can tell me—we may still be publishing the audio. It just might not be the same as it is today. I'm definitely going to change the way I'm engaging. I'm going to be much more in front of the camera and more descriptive of what we're doing and less freewheeling it behind the microphone—and getting my instant reaction from the team. I will tell you this, be looking for this: one of the videos we'll do is going to be instant reactions to rental houses. I'm just putting that out there.

This weekend, I was driving past a rental house and I literally stopped the car, took a picture, and spent 5 minutes teaching my family about why our company is so successful. Our competition looks like this. This is what other people put out and advertise their houses. This was an actual management company that had this out there. There are times when I want to reach out to owners and say this is what your house looks like. This is what you're paying someone for. Even if you're paying them half the rate we would charge you, you're overspending. That's how bad the presentation was. It was funny. I was able to teach my kids: this is not what we do. Then I drove past one of our houses and they could instantly see the difference. 

That's not always going to be the case, 24/7, every day, at every house. There's always transitions houses go through. Perhaps this house was in transition. I doubt it. I'm not going to call any companies out, just so we're clear. I'm not here to do that, I'm here to instantly react to what a rental property looks like. Help our viewers understand, this is what we mean by curb appeal. This is the difference between getting a high rent and low rent.

This will be one of our big sessions: this is what we mean by "letting the eye see what the ear hears."

When you advertise that your performance at particular level and someone looks at your presentation of the homes out there and they don't match? That's going to make their decision harder to do business with you.

That's going to be one of our video series for you to look forward to. Until we get a chance to meet again on video, the biggest thing I want to say is thank you. Everybody that's listened, that's sent emails in, that's asked questions, that's responded or reacted, a heartfelt thank you very much. I'm learning as I go and I'm enjoying what I do. I can't wait to see you on the videos. Until then, commit to The Grind.

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